We specialise in removable dental plates, space maintainers, night splints and dental mouthguards

If you are concerned about your child’s bite or have been told by a Dentist or School Dental Therapist that orthodontic treatment may be needed, feel free to get in touch. In some cases, early orthodontic treatment can prevent the need for more invasive and lengthy treatment down the line.

By using Dental Appliances like Dental Plates, Expanders, Space Maintainers, and Night Splints at the correct age, future braces treatment can be avoided or made simpler, thereby saving you time and money. Alternatively, early evaluation can help you understand and prepare for any future treatment.

Removable Dental Plates and Expansion Appliances

These can be useful in children and adolescents. Removable Plates can help correct minor tooth issues, underbites, cross bites of front teeth, widen narrow jaws to allow more space for teeth to erupt naturally and correct cross bites of back teeth. Removable Dental Plates can also help end stubborn thumb or finger sucking habits before long-term damage takes place.

Space Maintainers

Some children who lose or have a deciduous (baby) tooth extracted early can sometimes benefit from Space Maintainers. Space Maintainers keep space between neighbouring teeth, so that they do not tip or over erupt thereby making future eruption of adult teeth into the space difficult.

Night Splints or Night Guards

Grinding your teeth while sleeping can be a hard habit to break. Night Splints, which look like clear Mouthguards, help by protecting your teeth from damage that tooth grinding can cause. Both children and adults can benefit from Night Splints.

Dental Mouthguards

Sports-related mouth and jaw injuries are incredibly common in children, sometimes leading to the need for corrective orthodontic treatment. Dental Mouthguards cushion impact to the mouth or jaws, lessening the risk of facial injuries and damage to teeth. Getting your child to wear a Mouthguard protects their smile while still letting them have fun on the field.

At The Orthodontic Hub, our 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, enables us to make custom fitted Mouthguards for all our patients and their families, at an affordable price with quick turnaround times. A custom fitted Mouthguard offers added protection over boil and bite Mouthguards. They are less bulky, more comfortable, last longer and can be decorated with custom colours, branding and patterns to show off your individuality.

Talk to us about early orthodontic treatment or custom Mouthguards.

If you’d like to get on top of dental concerns early or have a professional custom Mouthguard made, talk to The Orthodontic Hub. With clinics in Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Whakatane, our Orthodontist sees patients across the Bay of Plenty.

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